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Welcome to Our Roastery

As a performance shop is to cars - the High Octane Roastery is coffee's answer to the best tasting home-brew you can get. We roast all blends in small batches, meticulously timed and temperature-controlled for each specific cultivar of bean's needs. Find the tastes of Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia, and other locales as exotic as your taste in cars at our roastery, or visit our online store to explore at your own leisure.  Be sure to check back often, as we regularly rotate our selection throughout the season.

Welcome to the heart of High Octane Coffee, where our passion for coffee transforms into the exquisite flavors in your cup. Our roastery, nestled within a breathtaking landscape, serves as a beacon for those who cherish the true essence of coffee. It's more than a place; it's a journey through the rich tapestry of coffee culture, where each bean tells a story of flavor, aroma, and tradition.


Our Philosophy

At High Octane Coffee, our philosophy is rooted in the art of transformation. We see each coffee bean as a vessel of potential, waiting to be unlocked by the perfect roast. Our commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation guides us in creating coffee that not only tastes exceptional but also honors the earth and its farmers. We blend tradition with cutting-edge techniques, ensuring that every sip offers a distinct, memorable experience.

Our Process

Our process is a meticulous journey of transformation, from the careful selection of beans to the precise art of roasting. We forge a deep connection with our beans, understanding their unique profiles and how to enhance them. Our roasters are artisans, blending science and sensibility to coax out the rich, complex flavors that define High Octane Coffee. This journey from farm to cup is a testament to our dedication, ensuring that each batch is roasted to perfection.

Visit Us

Visiting our roastery offers a unique glimpse into the world of coffee craftsmanship. It's an invitation to witness the magic of roasting, where green beans transform into the rich, aromatic coffee you love. Our tours provide an immersive experience, from the roar of the roasters to the first taste of a freshly brewed cup. It's an opportunity to connect with the origin of your coffee and understand the passion and precision behind every batch.

Sustainability and Community

Our commitment extends beyond coffee to the communities and environments that make our journey possible. We source our beans ethically, supporting fair practices and sustainable farming. Our roastery is not just a place for making coffee; it's a platform for advocacy, education, and community engagement. We strive to make a positive impact, promoting sustainability and supporting the farmers and families behind our beans.

Join the High Octane Family

Being part of the High Octane family means more than just enjoying great coffee; it's about sharing a passion and a commitment to excellence. Our events, workshops, and community gatherings are opportunities to deepen your coffee knowledge, meet fellow enthusiasts, and celebrate the rich culture of coffee. We invite you to join us on this flavorful journey, to explore new horizons, and to be part of a community that values quality, sustainability, and the art of coffee.

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