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American Standard - Medium Roast
American Standard consists of organically grown coffees from Central America. Well balanced with hints of citrus, bittersweet dark chocolate, and sweet pecans. Perfect if you are a fan of most “Breakfast Blend” coffees.
You asked for it, we delivered!!! Ever since Joe Sylvester created High Octane Coffee Company, fans have asked if he would ever make a roast named after his Monster Truck, BAD HABIT. Not only has he now done that, but he created an all new roast profile using the most...
Hammer Down - BOLD Roast
One of our BEST SELLERS and a true Coffee Lover's Coffee! Not for those afraid to be BOLD! Herbal and Citric with hints of caramel, this exotic, Indonesian, Dark Bold Roast will take you from 0-60 as soon as it hits your lips!  More horsepower than any coffee on the...
HUB CAPS - Single Serve Coffee Pods
You asked. We delivered!!!  After months of R&D in the High Octane garage, we are proud to introduce the all new High Octane Coffee Hub Caps!  Fresh roasted, artisan coffee now in the convenience of a single serve coffee pod!  Just because it's FAST, doesn't mean it can't be QUALITY! ...
American Standard - Medium Roast *NEW 12oz BAG!*
Our best selling coffee!  Now in an all NEW bag that tells the story of High Octane Coffee straight from our owner, creator, and roaster, Joe Sylvester! This bag is so cool you won't want to throw it away after you take your last scoop of medium roasted deliciousness! (Is...
Black Flag - Dark Roast
You will be waving the Black Flag on the competition after tasting the subtle sweetness of the dark roasted South American beans. Bold yet well balanced with a heavy body and mouth feel.
Gasoline Alley - Light Roast
Gasoline Alley is a great anytime cup of coffee. Guatemala beans create a flavor with hints of milk chocolate, caramel, berries and a touch of citrus for a taste as smooth as a ride in a Cadillac.
Formula 1 Vanilla
Fast, yet refined like a finely tuned European Formula 1 car.  Tantalizing French vanilla adds great aroma and flavor to this medium roasted specialty flavored coffee.
Hazel Lug Nut
Hazel Lug Nut is our most popular specialty flavored coffee. Roasted Hazelnuts boost the medium roasted bean all the way to the finish line.
Hot Rod - Specialty Flavor
Using the craftsmanship that goes into a fine custom Hot Rod, this medium roasted, specialty flavored blend features hints of caramel, butterscotch and hazelnut. A High Octane favorite, this hot rod will shift your taste buds into overdrive!
High Octane Sample Pack
Not quite sure which roast is for you? Hear all the hype about our supercharged, full flavor, highly caffeinated small batch coffee but can't decide on just one? Our sample pack is just for you! It includes a 4oz bag of each of our roasts. American Standard, Gasoline Alley, Black...
Unleaded - Decaf
For those who can't handle the extra RUSH of Caffeine in our coffee, we now offer "Unleaded" which is a medium roasted, decaffeinated, Columbian, single origin coffee. Organic and fair trade just like our other coffees, this one will power your taste buds all the way to victory lane!
Victory Lane - Med/Dark Roast
A medium roast with the powerful taste of a dark roast, Victory Lane is the latest to come out of the garage at High Octane and features a blend of Guatemala and Mexico origins roasted to perfection in small batches.  With hints of milk chocolate and nut, this one will...
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